Hunter’s Laptop: Evidence That Demands A Verdict

For freedom-loving Americans, there’s a lot riding on Hunter Biden’s emails. Now that The New York Times has belatedly sanctioned their authenticity, perhaps we can find out if any financial benefit reached his father, and is he thus compromised in performance of his duties. The reputation of the Justice Department across three administrations is also at stake. I’ve written a blog to explain what Congress needs to do to protect our freedom.

International Business Tycoon, or Influence Peddler?

Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop is a fountain of incrimination. Okay, fairness and objectivity demand a disclaimer:

In all probability, a laptop Hunter hasn’t denied owning contains emails discussing mega-dollar business deals with foreign entities, dispersing “10% for the big guy,” whomever that may be – wink, wink.

Almost 18 months after the New York Post broke the story at a moment of Presidential election consequence, the New York Times acknowledged its authenticity. Let’s hope the 50 one-time American intelligence officials who signed their names to a declaration of “Russian disinformation” will admit their usage as political pawns, but a doubling down is more likely.

None Care Call It Bribery?

Especially now with our country facing off against the nations of Hunter’s financiers, America deserves the truth, the full truth, and nothing but the truth.

Congressional Republicans are demanding it[i] but Democrats controls committees and – seemingly – major media and big tech as well. When Republican were in charge a Senate committee explored Hunter’s exorbitant pay for serving on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company,[ii] but its findings received little press attention.

Judicial Watch obtained records of Hunter’s worldwide travel the first five and one-half years of his father’s tenure as vice president.[iii] Secret Service details – a taxpayer expense – accompanied Hunter on 411 flights that included visits to 29 countries.

“Given the Burisma-Ukraine-China influence peddling scandals,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, “Hunter Biden’s extensive international travel during the Obama-Biden presidency, including at least five trips to China, will raise additional questions.” 

There is no law against sons or daughters of our elected leaders earning salaries or receiving payments from foreign entities. But Hunter’s qualifications for such lucrative enterprises is highly suspect, and any money reaching or benefitting his father should be grounds for impeachment.

Book It

There are at least two books that provide a lot more detail either on the laptop emails specifically (Laptop from Hell by Miranda Devine) or influence pedaling among our leaders (Red Handed by Peter Schweizer).

Schweizer said on Maria Bartiromo’s show March 20 that the Bidens raked in $31 million from Hunter’s foreign business deals, a figure tallied from the emails.

Unless Schweizer is lying or mistaken, fair-minded people of any political persuasion are appalled, and rightly so.

Pelosi Politics

You’ll note that Congress has launched a January 6 Commission, tracking down the angry flag wavers who entered the Capitol and – in some regrettable instances – damaged property. But there’s no commission for a summer of “mostly peaceful protests” that resulted in an estimated $1-$2 billion[iv] in destruction and at least 25 deaths.[v]

Hundreds of small businesses in major cities will never come back. Congress was back in session the evening of January 6, no member harmed.

Fencing off the Capitol and deploying 25,000 National Guard troops was pure theatrics. The melodrama of equating January 6 to Pearl Harbor or 9/11 makes a mockery of historical memorials.

This nonsense has to stop.

Media Malfeasance

The mainstream media is no longer a watchdog of public interest; these companies are subsidiaries of major corporations doing business globally. Thankfully, there are other – although much smaller – information sources.

There are many examples to prove this point, but we’ll stick with one connected to Hunter and the 2020 election.

About the same time as Hunter’s laptop was mentioned only dismissively – if at all – in the mainstream media, anonymous sources claimed that almost two years earlier President Trump had referred to WWI veterans as “suckers and losers.” Bombshell!  The network to which I’m typically exposed made it a lead story.

No intelligence official termed it Russian disinformation nor was anyone blackballed from social media for making the claim.

Fourteen people went on the record to say they heard no such remark from our President. Even if true, of what significance would it hold compared to Trump’s 3.5-year record of dealing with the military and veterans?

The very next morning, the Biden campaign had a television commercial on the air, and candidate Biden was responding to penetrating press inquiries the likes of: “What does it say about a man’s soul” to make such a remark.

Repeated continually on the campaign trail, candidate Biden prefaced his remarks with “if he said it.” No reporter ever asked Biden, to my knowledge, “and what if he didn’t say it? What does it say about a man’s soul to continually chirp an unsubstantiated smear?”

Sharyl Atkisson, formerly of CBS, can speak authoritatively on this topic. Here are her thoughts about the mainstream media during the 2020 election.

The Roles of Justice, FBI and Intelligence Agencies?

Oversight of federal agencies is an even more important reason than a void of investigative journalism for Congress to follow the money that has gone to, or passed through, Hunter Biden.

We’re now in our third administration since Hunter started wheeling and dealing internationally: from Eric Holder to Merrick Garland at the Justice Department, James Comey to Christopher Ray heading the FBI, and John Brennan, James Clapper and others leading our Intelligence agencies.

What did they know when and for what reason has nothing yet been done?

With so much at stake in Ukraine, contending with Iran on nuclear armament, checking China on multiple fronts, and various flashpoints across the globe – do we have a President unencumbered in serving our interests?

Demand answers from Congress.






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