1. Site title (under 60 characters, include one or more keywords)
  2. Site Description (50-300 characters)
  3. Add your location (searches for your area). “Contact Us” with address and map
  4. Customize URL slugs – refect content of a page
  5. Verify with Google Search Console
  6. Use keywords strategically (include text that matches serch terms)
  7. Update and add content
  8. give image readable descriptive file names
  9. Structure content with headings to keep text skim-friendly
  10. Add tags and categories to help visitors navigate site

Set up Google Search Console

Local SEO

use Google Suggest

Add to Google My Business page (create profile)

Add to Review Sites (Yelp, Tripadvisor, Facebook and any business directories relevant to business)

Optimize website by adding local keywords to home page. Make sure phone number is clickable.

Add map.

CREATE local content….write blog posts around local news stories, events.


Social Media