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Authoritative, Engaging Blog Posts

Featuring subject matter of business interest to the audience, with occasional product promotion. The prime purpose is to keep your name top of mind and form a relationship. In the case of this blog, the targeted audience was licensed health insurance brokers. Publication of the blog also provides excuse to:
– Email your client/prospect list
– Promote organically on social media
– Paid promotion on LinkedIn and Facebook, at least of the post containing product promotion
– Because it’s original material, the post can be submitted to search engines to enhance page rank and also be available to those searching the subject matter (unlike licensing material)

Enrollment Tutorial Video

File Claim Tutorial Video

Edited Webinar Snippet for Social Media

The recordings of live webinars can be vastly improved by editing both the audio and the visuals. You can also extract a snippet of up to 10 minutes for posting on LinkedIn, as you see at the right.

Samples of edited webinars on Youtube:

Another snippet for social media:

White Paper PDF for download
White paper for click bait; can also write ebooks.
Script writing and interfacing with outsource video animators.
One-page product sheets (and also both print and digital cataog)

ALSO OF NOTE: I tweaked and managed the company website, although I did not design it. I did, however, design OptiRater.com, which is little more than a landing page. I also ghost wrote and article published in American Benefits Specialist (NAHU), redesigned templates used for product proposals and enrollment kits, designed a print ad and advertising for social media and Google search although the campaigns were truncated due to COVID.

Samples Unreleated to Health Insurance

Blog writing.
Video Production

More Videos

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