Ready-to-Go Blog Posts for Your Website

Please access this page on either a desktop or laptop computer in order to read six blogs that authoritatively explain the breakthrough in wellness supplied by pulsed elecromagnetic frequency (PEMF) therapy. You’ll be able to read the full text of each post, and see a photo that comes with it.

This package of blogs can be licensed for use on your website, exclusive within a 50-mile radius of your business location. Additional blogs will be available in a few weeks, so you can post every week and drive visitors to your website — and into your practice. We can even help you upload these onto a WordPress website, and/or post the links onto social media.

PEMF Breakthrough

Post These Blogs On Your Website, Promote Through Email and Social Media

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Upon filling out an inquiry form, we will provide a link where you can download the text files and photos of each post, once you have paid an invoice sent via PayPal. You will have two years in which you’ll have exclusive rights within 50 miles of your business location(s). You are encouraged to edit the posts to your liking, perhaps adding stories relevant to the topic, and also include your own photographs.

If you need assistance getting the posts onto your website, assuming your site is on the WordPress platform, for a small fee we can assist. We can also post your social media. At an additional fee, we can also provide an audio file of the blog post.