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Blog posts plus a Facebook feed pertaining to the tenets of Christianity with due respect to its Jewish heritage.

Completed Christian

Cross formed by emerging from pool of water, symbolizing Christianity

Connecting with the Jewish Roots of the Faith These seem like bookends: Jews, for the most part, don’t recognize Jesus as messiah and many Christians fail to understand the Jewish roots of their spiritual heritage.  In-between stand messianic Jews and…

Jesus Our Pascal Lamb

Crucifixion of Jesus image

How Christ’s Crucifixion Fulfilled the Feast of Passover Jesus personified the feasts God ordained in the Old Testament. Christians typically refer to these as “Jewish feasts,” but they are actually God’s holy celebrations. The first feast is Passover. Actions and…

What Did Harbinger Herald?

There’s a 5-alarm fire. The United States of America is burning to the ground. Spiritually, that is. Soon, the principles upon which we were founded will be an ash heap — unless God intervenes. I’ve read a great book that…