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Hopefully, you’ve read the installment of six initial blog posts available for licensing under the following terms:

  • Exclusivity within a 50-mile radius of the business establishment specified on your order; which means no other business located within 50 miles may license the same content (although material on the Internet can be seen anywhere in the world)
  • Your exclusive license will be in effect for 36 consecutive months from the date of the order fulfillment.
  • You are advised of a risk of a “duplicate content” violation from Google unless the URL of the blog post is withheld from search robots.
  • You are encouraged to edit the posts. Adding comments or stories supportive of the information in the post enhances its effectiveness.
  • You are encouraged to use the post as a website traffic driver by advertising on social media and email blasting.
  • The fee ($400) covers only delivery of the licensed posts text and accompanying image (one image per post) in .doc, .txt., .rtf or .pdf format; uploading to your website can be arranged for an additional fee.
  • By purchasing a license to this intellectual property, you assume all liability for its content.
  • The posts included in this agreement can be found at: https://blogdipity.com/pemf

The above points will be included in a purchase order agreement. Please provide the information requested below so that we may draft an agreement for your consideration:

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